Social Media is on the rise, and at the same time, it also poses certain threats to individuals as cyber crime cases are on the rise. To make people vigilant and aware of such incidents related to social media misuse, the Sharjah police have issued a warning in an announcement. Read this blog to know more.

The Sharjah Police Department has issued a warning to the public against the misuse of social media platforms in an announcement. There has been a significant rise in the misuse of social media platforms in Sharjah. People have started using these platforms to spread fake information and take part in cybercrime. Such activities not only pose a threat to law and order, but to society as a whole too. The police are making new strategies to counter such people who involve themselves in criminal activities on social media platforms.

Robust Actions Against the Guilty

Colonel Omar Ahmed Abu Al Zoud, the Director of the Criminal Investigation Department at Sharjah Police, highlighted how important it is for community members to use social media platforms in an appropriate and positive manner.  He also stated that the Sharjah Police would be taking strict actions against individuals who are found to be using social media platforms and technology to abuse and harass other people. 

The Criminal Investigation Department received 85 reports of insult and 6 reports of defamation committed during the past year using social media platforms. Proper legal action was taken against those responsible. 

Significant Penalties for the Criminals

Colonel Omar Ahmed Abu Al Zoud clarified that if anyone is found guilty of falsely accusing or insulting someone through social media platforms will face rigorous imprisonment and/or a fine that can range from Dh 250,000 to Dh 500,000 under Article 43 of the Federal Decree-Law No.34 of 2021 Concerning the Fight Against Rumours. 

He urged individuals to be responsible and respectful while using social media, to report any suspicious activities to the authority, and avoid making any insults or offensive comments as such actions violate public morals, cause damage to an individual’s reputation, social standing, and honor, and can potentially harm others.  

The commitment of Sharjah Police to take strict action against the misuse of social media platforms is an important step in ensuring and maintaining the dignity and security of the community. It is important that, as people, we understand how we should use social media platforms and also, along with other people, make social media a safe, fun space and not an outlet for someone to defame or insult other people. It is advisable for people to report such incidents to authorities and police to ensure social media gets used in a positive manner.