Experts suggest a 46% growth for the real estate market in Abu Dhabi in 2023. This indicates that the market is promising for investment right now. You can buy villas in Abu Dhabi or invest in townhouses, beachfront apartments and more. In the real estate sector of Abu Dhabi, you’ll have a wide range of properties to choose from.  

The process of buying your dream home can be daunting in any market. You’ll need proper research and guidance to determine the right investment and a good fit for you and your family. UAE is known for luxury and opulence, but the real estate market is slowly developing a taste for sustainability. Several new projects in the region are focusing on developing an integrated gated community, focusing on values like inclusivity and sustainability. 

FAQs for buying villas in Abu Dhabi

  • Can a non-resident buy properties in Abu Dhabi?

The expatriate property buying policy is different for each emirate. In Abu Dhabi, non-residential citizens can only buy property in the form of an apartment or floor, but not land. Furthermore, there are specific areas or zones within which immigrants are allowed to buy such properties such as Saadiyat, Reem, Mariya, Lulu, Al Raha Beach, and so on. 

  • How to apply for a mortgage to buy a villa in Abu Dhabi?

First and foremost, you need to be a resident of Abu Dhabi to be eligible to apply for a mortgage. You need your visa for at least six months, alongside your passport to apply. At the time of applying, you need to pay at least 25% as your down payment for your deposit. The buyer and seller need to agree on paying the extra charges of 2% to the agency, and 2% on the purchase price to Abu Dhabi Municipality. Upon agreeing on splitting or not splitting the costs the buyer and seller must sign an MoU. This MoU is required by the bank to approve your mortgage, between the seller and the buyer.

  • What are the best luxury villas for sale in Abu Dhabi?

Thousands of villas and beachfront townhouses are for sale in Abu Dhabi. Depending on your taste and requirement you can choose three-bedroom villas or four. Bloom living in Abu Dhabi is a prime example of an extensive range of properties, especially villas within a gated community. The project is inspired by an amalgamation of Mediterranean and Spanish architecture spread over 2.2 million sqm. 

  • Why is Bloom Living considered the next generation of luxury living?

Unlike most luxury gated communities Bloom Living will not just offer pathways for promenades, parks for children, and a community centre. Rather it will give you access to the most convenient and grandiose lifestyle in Abu Dhabi without having to leave the community. The community centre will include retail stores, food and beverage stores, a healthcare clinic, two international schools, and more. Book your Bloom unit today to buy a villa in Abu Dhabi and become a part of the most lavish community here.